Trading table supplies

The club purchases a range of pots and other supplies from Garden City Plastics to sell to members at a significantly reduced price. See the newsletter for details.

Contact our trading officer, Tony Cummins (0882985125) to order. Products will be available at the next club meeting.

  • 250mm, 200mm, 180mm, 140mm pots

  • Stakes bundle 25

  • Twist ties bundle 100

  • Labels bundle 25

  • Calcium nitrate

  • 4 head dropper

  • Single head dropper

  • Trisodium Phosphate 500g or 1Kg

Neutrog Products

A range of Neutrog products are on sale at meetings at a reduced cost.

Products include:

  • Strike Back for Orchids

  • GoGo Juice

  • Seamungus

A major order of the full range of Neutrog products is placed twice a year. Watch the newsletter for details.