Cymbidium Orchids for beginners – In six easy lessons

Cymbidium Orchids are easy to grow and flower if you treat them well.  They are very tough plants, but if you don’t give them reasonable conditions, they will grow larger but not flower well (or at all).

The following documents provide a wealth of information for the beginning grower.

Part 1:   1.    What do you expect to achieve in growing your orchids
              2.    Basic growing conditions

Part 2:   3.    Terms used in the industry (mericlones, seedlings, species orchids, ploidy etc )
              4.    How cymbidiums are named
              5.    How to select your first orchids – miniature, intermediate and standard size flowers

Part 3:   6.    How to get the best out of your orchids
              7.    Preparing plants coming into flower
              8.    Orchid club shows and what can be learned from attending a good show
              9.    Improving your collection

Part 4:   10.    Preparing for next season – potting on, dividing, culling
              11.    Pests and diseases

Part 5:   12.    Growing for success – watering, fertilizing etc
              13.    Where plants come from – species, hybridising, cloning, diploids, triploids, tetraploids
              14.    Where to source new plants, varieties to grow, and traps to avoid.

Part 6:   15.    The internet
              16.    Ethics
              17.    The future ??

These documents were written by Graham Morris and published in the club newsletter several years ago. Graham has conducted the Cymbidiuim Orchid Club of South Australia  Beginners' workshops for many years and the club is very fortunate to have access to his expertise.

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