Judging Information

Judging in the Cymbidium Orchid Club of South Australia is done in three divisions; Open, First and Second.  The plants in each division are divided into four size classes.

  • Miniature (0-60mm)
  • Intermediate (60-85mm)
  • Small Standard (85-100mm)
  • Large Standard (100mm and over)

Within these classes they are judged in various colours eg so we can have the best pink miniature in Open division.  From the best in the colour classes we judge on to be the best in each size class and from those the best overall. Some of these plants may be first flowering seedlings which are also judged separately so on any meeting night the Judge’s Choice will be:

  • Best Overall
  • Best in Open Division
  • Best in First Division
  • Best in Second Division
  • Best Large Standard and Seedling
  • Best Small Standard and Seedling
  • Best Intermediate and Seedling
  • Best Miniature and Seedling - as well as
  • Best Specimen
  • Best Species

Ben Knobben