Cymbidium Orchid Club of South Australia

The Cymbidium Orchid Club exists to promote the growing and showing of Cymbidium Orchids in South Australia. It is different to all other Orchid Clubs in South Australia, because it is a single orchid genera club. Members cannot show other types of orchids, for example Cattleyas, Phalenopsis, Paphiopedilums or any of the many other orchid types.

Orchids are regarded as a very special, prestigious flower, often used to celebrate special occasions. They usually last for a very long time, when used as a cut flower, and even longer when used as a pot plant. When a plant reaches flowering size, it can flower every year thereafter, if grown well. Cymbidiums are relatively easy to grow in southern Australia, so long as a few simple conditions are provided.

The Club encourages the development of new varieties, and plants are displayed and judged at monthly meetings and annual shows. South Australian growers have produced many of the great cymbidiums, which are grown in large numbers around the world.

The Club holds general meetings on the fourth Wednesday each month, and conducts a Winter Show in early July,  and a Spring Show in late August each year.


The Cymbidium Orchid Club of South Australia  aims to support people with growing and showing  cymbidium orchids and prides itself on its friendly atmosphere.

The club has interclub monthly competitions, February to November. The club also holds a winter show in July and a spring show in August.

The club has hosted  National Shows in 2008 and 2015.

Club Meetings

The Cymbidium Orchid Club of South Australia meets the 4th Wednesday of each month, February to November, at the Burnside Community Centre, 401 Greenhill Rd, Tusmore, SA.

The auditorium opens at 7pm, beginners' class starts at 7.15pm, judging of plants begins at 7:30 and the meeting commences at 8:00pm.

New members are welcome.


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